Monday, June 11, 2007

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

"We therefore urge all Our children in Christ, both those who are already accustomed to drink the saving waters flowing from the Heart of the Redeemer and, more especially those who look on from a distance like hesitant spectators, to eagerly embrace this devotion. Let them carefully consider, as We have said, that it is a question of a devotion which has long been powerful in the Church and is solidly founded on the Gospel narrative. It received clear support from tradition and the Sacred Liturgy and has been frequently and generously praised by the Roman Pontiffs themselves. These were not satisfied with establishing a Feast in honor of the Most Sacred Heart of the Redeemer and extending it to the Universal Church; they were also responsible for the solemn acts of dedication which consecrated the whole human race to the same Sacred Heart." ~ Pius XII, Haurietis Aquas

The Charity of Christ compels us

Salvátor Mundi

Ecuadorian Present, García Moreno, consecrates Ecuador to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

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