Saturday, September 8, 2007

Concistory - 1946

Pope Pius XII creating new Cardinals in 1946. (Great stuff!)
Consistory of 1946<---- click="" here="" p="">


Miguel Vinuesa said...

Dear Latinmass,

This is just some positive critic: the way to call a Pope by his family name is a custom Italian journalists have always had, and quite an irreverent one, I might add.

I learned this the hard way, calling John Paul II "Papa Wojtyla" in front of a teacher of Social Doctrine of the Church in university. I almost get kicked out of that class ;).

Conclusion: never trust an Italian journalist :p

latinmass1983 said...

Thanks for the correction, Miguel. I'll make the change to the more official title.

But I am almost certain that people also referred to him as Papa Pacelli. Of course, you would never address him like that in person, but when talking about them, it does not sound irreverent at all. It was done pretty frequently in the past...

I do know that Pius XII liked his last name very much because of its meaning: Pax caeli = Pacelli.

M. J. Ernst-Sandoval said...

You could always just refer to them in Italian such as with everyone's favorite pope 'Pio nono'. I think Pius XII would be 'Pio dodicesimo' (accent on the 'e')

Miguel Vinuesa said...

Haha, oh well if you put it that way there's no way to disagree ;)

latinmass1983 said...

Well, I changed it... it actually makes it sound more official now.

M.J. - you're right! Pio IX is very popularly knonwn as Pio nono. And you are also right in that he is the favorite Pope of many people: He and Pio V (of course) along with Pio XII.

[We should get that watch that Ken (Hallowedground) had in which each hour (12) of the day was a picture of each Pius Pope].

Would any of you happen to know whethere Pius IX said (or did not say): "La tradizione sono io"? I heard that he had said it when someone asked him something about tradition and that was the reply... but I guess it would be very difficult to prove that!