Monday, October 1, 2007

Devout Exercise for Fridays

See, wicked sinner, what your sins have done
Your Saviour crucified, who is God and man!
Endeavor not on Jews the blame to lay,
You are a deicide as well as they.
With contrite heart your sinful life deplore,
The best sacrifice is to sin no more.
He'd rather you'd from tears and sins refrain
Than weep, though tears of blood, and sin again.
He the sufferings of his Lord bewails;
O'er whom His precepts and His life prevails;
To weep, and sin again, is but a jest,
He then weeps best, who doth now sin the least.
To weep, and moan, and sigh, and still to sin,
Is but to nail Him on the cross again;
With holy living, He's better pleased and won,
Than mixing blood with blood, and wounds anon.

The Glories of the Catholic Church, Vol III.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's beautiful. Even though I am not a catholic I love the metre and the usage of words in this work

latinmass1983 said...