Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Low Mass by a Prelate

Last Saturday, there was a Mass in Santiago, Chile in memory of Bl. Charles of Austria. It was a Low Mass celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Medina according to the traditional Order of the Mass. His Eminence was invited by the Knights of Malta to say this Mass.
The Prelate on his way to get ready to say the Mass

The reading of the Introit

Communion of the Celebrant

Thanksgiving immediately after Mass

Veneration of a relic of Bl. Charles
The relic was brought by the granddaughter of Bl. Charles (Alexandra)
I am not sure how many were present at the event, but from what the M.C. there told me, the whole event was a little of a last minute surprise and there was not enough time to make the proper announcements for such an event. In spite of that, the M.C. says that Mass was "hermosísima!"
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Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...


I frequently pray for the canonization of Bl. Karl von Habsburg, Bl. Junípero Serra, and Bl. Catherine Tegakwitha.

latinmass1983 said...

That's good!

Don't forget the Catholic Queen though!

The Pope, as Pope, could skip the beatification step. She has been waiting for too long!!!

Berolinensis said...

This is a pet peeve of mine: There is no such thing as an Archduchess of Habsburg. Much less is there a Charles (Karl) "von Habsburg". Habsburg is the name of the dynasty. It never was, until the revolution (if you can call it that), a surname. The title of Archduke always goes together with the Archduchy of Austria. So it's always Archduke N. of Austria. And bl. Charles of Austria (or, as the Vatican put it at the beatification, to avoid difficulties with the government of Austria [which still seems to tremble before a restoration]: Charles of the House of Austria). We aren't talking about Queen Elizabeth of Windsor or King Carl Gustav of Bernadotte either.
Having said that: I pray daily for the canonization of bl. Charles (together with Pius XII, Clemens August von Galen, Marcus d'Aviano).

latinmass1983 said...

O.K. Thanks for the info Berolinensis!

To tell you the truth, I was not aware of any of these titles and positions (except that of the Emperor).

I just translated what's on the other blog (in Spanish). I assumed they were given the correct titles, especially since the granddaughter of Bl. Charles was present and brought the relics.