Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Devotion to Mary

Hypocrites those who, boasting of the Christian name, reject the veneration which Catholicism of every age has rendered Thee [Mary]; a veneration which is but a pale reflection of that homage which Thou didst receive from God’s own Messenger [Archangel Gabriel]! Will it not be lawful for the children of men to do what God Himself commanded to be done by the Hierarchy of Heaven?

For thirty years the Word Incarnate had no other manifest occupation than that of obeying with absolute unreserved His Blessed Mother. Now, there is no form of devotion, veneration, and love, no manifestation of piety, more deep and true than the loving submission of a child or a youth to his mother. And that, precisely, is the devotion and piety chosen by Jesus for the space of thirty years.

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