Thursday, November 22, 2007

Enrico Dante

The last three excellent pictures were taken from John Paul's blog (orbis catholicus).

If you ever want to see the man at work, then you have to see the complete Coronation Mass of Bl. John XXIII. For this, of course, you would need to be somewhat familiar with the rubrics for the Solemn Papal Masses before 1965; otherwise, you will not get much out of the whole ceremony and you will not get an accurate idea of how dedicated Mgr. Dante had to have been to do what he did and in the way in which he did it.

This sums it all up very well!

Very well done, I think.

The final resting place of his human remains


Anonymous said...

Great tribute to Card. Dante!
I wish there were more like him today...may other priests be inspired to follow in his mold.
Has anyone written his biography?
What a life to read about.
"Well done, thou faithful servant"

latinmass1983 said...

I wish there were more Papal M.C.'s like him, too. That should fix a lot of things that are allowed/accepted during the Papal Masses and by the Congregation of Sacred Rites.

I'm sure, also, that if there were more people like him, the Congregation of the Ceremonial would be restored... and we need that!

I do not think that there is an official biography of him. He himself did not seem to write much. He wrote many articles for the Catholic encyclopedia and updated Menghini's book ("Le Sacre Ceremonie"), but, other than that, I have not found much about him.

Someone said that there is an Italian website that talks in great details about him/his life, but I have not found it... and the person who mentioned it did not seem willing to share the link.

Anonymous said...

Do you know of anywhere I can get Le Sacre Ceremonie in English?

Michael Garner said...

Do you know where I can get a copy of Le Sacre Ceremonie in English?

latinmass1983 said...


I am almost 100% sure that there is no translation of "Le Sacre Ceremonie" in English.

In fact, the original work in Italian seems to be a little difficult to get.

The copy I was able to get came from Italy and it has taken other people years to get a copy of it.

Also, very few people seem to know about this book, probably because it was written by Menghini and *only* updated by Mgr. Dante.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the extra comment sent in. Would it be possible for you to scan the book and place it on your blog? It would be wonderful to get to read it.

latinmass1983 said...

If I had a scanner, I would have scanned a lot of pages a long time ago, but I do not have a scanner at home :-(

It is very difficult, in the book, to tell what was added/revised/changed by Mgr. Dante because there is no way to guess.

When revising Fortescue's book, O'Connell added [N.R.] before his comments; Mgr. Dante did not do that.

If I ever get a chance to scan a few pages, I'll do so and then I'll add them to the blog.