Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Outrageous Affront against God

ABORTION: An outrageous conspiracy against God and Human Dignity

Children are the most eloquent sign of life and hope. Nevertheless, with support, acceptance, and encouragement from the government their existence is now threatened in the most terrible manner and by the most horrible crime: ABORTION. Abortion is the most unnatural, the most immoral, and the most unjust act against God, and against the unborn children themselves.

To interrupt the process of life from its very first beginning in the womb, with the sole aim to destroy it, is the vilest, the most vicious, and the most brutal crime that a human being can commit. Every child should enjoy the right to be born regardless of how destructively creative science (medicine) has become. It is not only shameful, but a direct affront against God to put an abrupt and sacrilegious end to the life that He alone created and which He alone should decide when to take away. It is not even necessary to believe in God to have the common sense and be able to discern that it is
NOT possible, that it is an affront to human INTELLIGENCE and to the human CONSCIENCE to pretend that on the size of a creature depends its right to life.

Even without using the definition of morality, and instead we use that of ethics, in which scientists and psychologists take much pride – at least when it is a matter of plagiarism – ABORTION is wrong. According to Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks S.J., and Michael Meyer from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (Santa Clara University), ethics is the criteria of what is good, what is right, and what we should do – which is, in its basic form, the definition of morality. Therefore, morality (or ethics) concerns everyone including atheists, parents, doctors, scientists, psychologists, law-makers, and every being that exists and claims to have the use of reason, and of course, a human soul.

According to the Church and morals (ethics), abortion is a repugnant and abominable act because it transgresses basic human respect for life and mocks human dignity. The State, scientists (doctors), and parents have the responsibility to provide these children, not only the protection they need to be born healthy, but also their other inherent needs, in particular their human dignity and their moral rights. However, just the opposite is being put into practice. As affirmed by Fr. Hasbún, in these days there is a SINISTER CONSPIRACY between three of the most important institutions: Motherhood, Medicine, and the State. Mothers who practice, promote, and defend abortion BETRAY their natural vocation by becoming the assassins, sepulcher, and grave of their very own children.

Doctors opting to perform abortions commit a crime by staining their true mission and the very oath they claim to hold dear: “I will neither prescribe nor administer a lethal dose of medicine... [I will show] utmost respect for every human life from fertilization to natural death and reject abortion that deliberately takes a unique human life.” Scientists and doctors who endorse and perform abortion become negligent and indifferent transgressors of morals, or in their own scientific language, of ethics.

The State that legalizes abortion commits an act of supreme injustice and violates its essential reason to exist (to defend and protect human life) by encouraging, financing, and protecting the crime of abortion and its perpetrators. Fr. Hasbún is right when he says, “Legalized abortion is an act of insane TERRORISM; brutal aggression against a creature that is defenseless, weak, innocent, who does not have any responsibility or fault, yet is still chosen as a victim condemned to pay for the fault of OTHERS...” just as it is the case with terrorism – where innocent civilians end up paying for something for which they are not directly responsible. The only difference is that with abortion these terrorist attacks take place “in the interior sanctuary of the mother's womb.”

There is no little truth in the words of Fr. Hasbún when he says, “A society based in the brutality of abortion is a society that has already opted for violence based in terrorism... a volcano ready to erupt at any moment.” Afterwards, no one should complain about VIOLENCE in the streets, at home, national or international, etc. Mother Teresa once said, "How can you expect your children to be safe in the streets, if they cannot even be safe in their mother's womb?”

A person who complains about violence in the streets and in the schools (such as that perpetrated at Columbine High School), but yet supports abortion has lost all common sense. How can you expect your children to believe you when you tell them that what happened at Columbine is wrong, when you teach them that abortion is right? People who support abortion do not deserve to have the right to become, and much less be called, procreators (parents), doctors (scientists), and judges (makers of justice). Expressions such as “equality, it’s my right, it’s a woman’s right… ” SHOULD NOT be an excuse to let feminists absorb the children’s right to life.

On the contrary, once they were willing to have sexual intercourse and became candidates to become parents, instead of getting an extra right, parents obtained a new responsibility that they should not forget: to bring to completion the pregnancy that resulted from their actions. Unborn children’s rights should not be the object of tyrannical abuse nor of stupid negligence on the part of feminists who seek blind “equality” without worrying to establish a moral and just equilibrium, thereby destroying or sacrificing the rights of the innocent, the voiceless, and the defenseless.

In a true democracy, as Fr. Hasbún affirms, all lives must have the same value and should receive the same protection. The State that legalizes abortion has renounced its right to exercise justice or even to be called a state at all, not to mention a democratic one.... because without life, what do we need the other rights for? Parents, doctors, and the State... institutions that accept and promote abortion, have betrayed the deposit of trust given to them to save, protect, defend and preserve all life by perpetrating an act of absolute injustice: willful murder! All life is sacred, free, untouchable, and intangible from the moment of conception to natural death because in IT we recognize God.

~ Based on a sermon by Fr. Hasbún

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