Monday, April 9, 2007

Some Reactions to the Traditional Order of the Mass


Here are some reactions to the Traditional Liturgy by some footballers who had never been to one before. Their first time was on Holy Thursday at Sacred Heart, New Haven. I have a friend who was there (in the Sanctuary - serving) who told me about this group of guys from Yale. These guys have some interesting things to say - although we have heard them before because... well, beautiful Liturgy gets the same words out of people who are (or want to be) truly devout... or from those who are not (or want to be) blind!

We can, of course, omit Bugnini's and Marini's idea of beautiful Liturgy! O.K. To read these guys' comments and reactions, go here:



Stephen said...

It's fair to say that several of us have started to think about things in a much more liturgical sense.

latinmass1983 said...

Good! This is always a good thing because the Liturgy (ceremonies and rituals) are not only things to be done, but also to think about (to meditate on).

The Church did not come up with them just to give the Acolytes and Sacred Ministers something to do, but also to help the faithful spiritually.

Stephen said...

It's obvious the Pope thinks very liturgically.

His recent address on the vestments at Mass as well as Sac. Caritatis illustrate that he sees the Faith through the lens of good liturgy.

Petra Palato said...

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