Friday, November 23, 2007

Blessed Pius IX's Mitre

This could possibly be the Mitre that Pope Benedict will soon wear.
(Picture sent by a friend from Livorno who received it from a friend from Milano)

I thought that no one had worn the Mitre after Bl. Pius IX, but we can see that Pope John Paul II wore it once. Well, he had to wear something that had to go with the Eastern Mitre-crowns.

The Immaculate Conception Mitre seems somewhat smaller (compared to the ones worn by Pius XII & John XXIII). However, as seen in this picture of Pope Pius IX, it seems he had a preference for somewhat smaller Mitres (but not ugly like the modern ones). (The above is supposed to be a picture -not a painting- that was later retouched, but I cannot prove it).

This picture (of vestments that belonged to Bl. Pius IX) again shows a beautiful Mitre that was smaller than the ones worn by Pius XII and John XXIII.


Gregor Kollmorgen said...

That was the one! And splendid it looked, especially together with that impressive throne.

latinmass1983 said...

Yes, Berolinensis. The Mitre is really beautiful, altough I was expecting it to be a bit taller.

The Chasuble that Bl. Pius IX wore for that day is supposed to be splendid, too. I have not been able to find a picture of that, though.