Friday, July 4, 2008

Remembering Pope Pius XII

Great News!

As the 50th Anniversary of the death of the Venerable Pope Pius XII approaches, a group of supporters of his beatification/canonization has formed a committee in order to commemorate his saintly life and pontificate. Prelates as well as laymen are part of this committee, including Sr. Margherita Marchione, who has written extensively to defend his life and pontificate.
Please, go to the website below for a list of the members of the committee and the mission statement.

Here is the link to the website:


Anonymous said...

that's way too cool.

M.J. said...

Check this out:

latinmass1983 said...

Thanks for the link. I knew a little about that.

It's sad to see, though, that that spokeswoman really considers "historical fact" only what those on her side say. What kind of history is it the one that intentionally ignores or overlooks material that opposes what they want to affirm?

I'm sure this woman is aware of the most recent books about Pius XII. She should also be aware of the books written in the '50's about Pius XII and what he did during the terrible years of the war.

humboldt said...

Every commemoration is too little for Pius XII, who was the greatest pope of the XXth century.

latinmass1983 said...

I agree, but people do what they can do, especially it they want the process of his beatification to be taken seriously.

humboldt said...

latinmass1983, I don't understand your latest posting. I believe that the cause of Pius XII is one of the most serious causes at the Vatican, and yes people are doing everything they can to advance the cause. Of course this cause still lacks the gigantic media campaign that the cause of JPII has, but I believe that Pius XII's is more worthy; but this is the reality of the Conciliar Catholic Church, the media drives the policies of the Church, of course that is where the money is.

latinmass1983 said...

What I meant was that you are correct. Pope Pius XII was a very excellent and holy pontiff and that more should be done.

I do not think that the Vatican is really taking this cause seriously. There is much evidence that Pope Pius XII is not guilty of any of the foolish things some Jews and other extremely liberal Catholics say, but the Vatican still does not do as much as it should to hurry the process of his beatification.

I think that more importance is being placed on the "ecumenical" point of view involved in this specific process of beatification than on the actual process.

And, even though this commemoration would be a little thing, it will surely help (directly or indirectly) to advance the process of his beatification - hopefully.

humboldt said...

I agree the the priorities at the Vatican, and of Benedict XVI lie at ecumenism. After all this is truly an ideology that permeates every aspect of the work of the Holy See, and Benedict XVI is sold to ecumenism, after all the main advocates of ecumenism are Germans. He even announced at the Piazza San Pietro that ecumenism was ordered by God. As for the cause of Pius XII, I have my doubts about Benedict XVI's intentions with this cause. I do not forsee that during this pontificate we will see a beatification, perhaps, and just perhaps Benedict XVI grants the title of venerable to Pius XII. Perhaps I am too biased against BXVI but every day he confirms my dobust about him. He is truly a politician. Sometimes he reminds me, in his manners, of Jeaner Kirkpatrick. The papacy is going through one of its worst crisis, with the power that activists popes have on the Catholic Church. Who is to blame for this? Well this certainly had been stewing for a long time or is it perhaps the dinamics of the papacy after having lost the Papal States.

Anonymous said...

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