Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Traditional Solemn Mass - Brooklyn, NY

A traditional Solemn Mass will take place in Brooklyn (NY) at St. Cecilia's Church on Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 7:30PM. This will be the first traditional (Solemn) Mass there in 40-something years and the 120 year old High Altar will be used.

DIRECTIONS to the church:

"L" Train (at 14th Street) to Brooklyn-exit at Graham Ave (3rd stop after 1st Ave in Manhattan). Exit onto street corner of Graham Ave and Metropolitan Ave. Cross Metropolitan Ave and walk down (downhill) on Graham Ave (five short blocks) and turn right at the corner of Richardson Street (this is also the beginning of Herbert St. alongside the ramp from the BQE). Walk one block crossing Humboldt St and on the next corner is the Herbert St.

"7" Train to 46th Ave / Bliss Street in Queens. Exit and walk a short block to Greenpoint Ave. Take B-24 bus to Kingsland Ave /Herbert St. and walk one block to the church. (This bus comes every 30 minutes).

CAR: The Brooklyn Queens Expressway is one block from the Church.

FROM QUEENS: Exit on BQE is MEEKER-MORGAN-exit onto Meeker Avenue. Then follow Meeker Ave to the fourth Traffic Light and turn left onto North Henry St. Then, go one short block to Herbert St.

FROM BROOKLYN/MANHATTAN - Exit BQE onto to HUMBOLDT ST. / McGUINNESS BLVD (bell tower is visible from expressway). Follow ramp to the right and go directly onto Herbert St. and then one block to the church.
The church's phone number is: 718-389-0010

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