Friday, January 1, 2010

New Liturgical Ordo for 2010

secundum antiquam vel extraordinariam ritus romani formam

by Daniele Di Sorco

This year, the book comes with a letter written by Msgr. Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.


This new edition is divided in two parts (volumes).

VOLUME I: PARS GENERALIS (complectens documenta, tabellas et schemata ad sacram liturgiam ordinandam, format: 14x21, 77 pages).

VOLUME II: PARS SPECIALIS (complectens directorium liturgicum pro anno Domini 2010, iuxta calendarium Ecclesiæ universæ, format: 14x21, 147 pages).


Letter by Msgr. Guido Pozzo

This Ordo is a complete guide for the entire year to the celebration of the traditional Mass. Written by Daniele Di Sorco, the Ordo conforms fully to the regulations of Summorum Pontificum and is an indispensable addition to all churches and chapels where Holy Mass is celebrated according to the 1962 Roman Missal. It would also make a great gift for all priests, religious and faithful who, in private or in public, recite the traditional Roman Breviary.

The Ordo has been divided into two volumes in order to make it easier to consult and to make it less expensive. In fact, the first volume, which contains the general guidelines for the celebration of Mass and the recitation of the Office, can be purchased once and for all, while the second volume, which contains the liturgical outline for the year in progress, has to be republished every year. Only for this year the two volumes are sold together.


The first volume has:

1) Excerpts from Summorum Pontificum.

2) The rules on fasting and abstinence.

3) The tables of precedence, occurrence and concurrence.

4) Ample indications on how to organize the various parts of the Divine Office and of the Mass depending on the liturgical day.

5) A very helpful and concise set of norms that regulate the tones of voice used for the different types of Mass (Low, Sung, Solemn).

6) An excerpt from the Instructio de Musica sacra et sacra Liturgia, which deals with active participation of the faithful at Holy Mass.

7) Tables and guidelines on the celebration of 4th Class Votive Masses.


The second volume has:

1) The table of movable days.

2) The complete liturgical directory for the current year according to the universal Roman calendar with precise and detailed instructions for the recitation of the Breviary and the celebration of the Mass.

The use of the Latin language makes this Ordo accessible even for those who do not have a deep knowledge of this language and allows many other Catholics of the world to use it.

The Ordo may be obtained at any bookstore (in Italy). The ISBN number of the two indivisible volumes is 978-88-8272-514-3. It may also be purchased directly from the sito della casa editrice Cantagalli.

Starting next year, the second volume (relative to 2011) will be available separately.

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