Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cardinal Dolan Addresses Holy Innocents Situation - National Catholic Register

Another article on the Traditional Mass in possible relation to Holy Innocents Church in mid-town Manhattan, the only place in NYC where the traditional Mass is offered daily.
Couple of comments:
1) This seems like a good development. However, the vagueness of the reference is still there.
2) It is good that it is obvious that the "frenzy" to close so many churches was so great and automatic that other groups (deaf community, the Vietnamese community, etc.) had also been overlooked.
3) I am glad that the Cardinal feels better and felt better after meeting, but I, personally, would have felt much, much worse had I had the responsibility to close that many churches.


Samuel J. Howard said...

Contra Pat Arcbold, Cardinal Dolan could have easily said, "There will continue to be a daily 1962 Mass at a convenient time and place in Manhattan, whether or not Holy Innocents stays open."

latinmass1983 said...

I agree. Based on some letters that Cardinal Dolan has sent to some parishioners, he always avoids talking about the daily Mass and only makes reference to Sunday Mass at St. Agnes, as if it is the one place and Mass he wants them to attend in the entire Archdiocese of NY.