Monday, September 11, 2023

Armenian Bishops Request Papal Infallibility at Vatican I



(during Vatican I)

In our Armenian Church there never has arisen a doubt concerning the irreformability of the judgments which are pronounced by the Roman Pontiff as supreme Teacher and Doctor of the Catholic Church on matters of Faith and Morals; as very many ancient testimonies of our Fathers and historic documents of our Church clearly show, and as the Sacred and Orthodox Bishops of the same Church have ever proved in their teaching up to this present day. But since we have heard that certain persons call the infallibility in question, we, fearing the great evils which might arise from this new doctrine to the Universal Church, but especially to the Orientals, since it has never been doubted that the above-mentioned irreformability most closely and inseparably adheres to the Supreme Primacy of the Roman Pontiff, we think it necessary that the same be declared definitely by the Ecumenical Council, and therefore we petition that the matter be treated in the Council as early as possible.

--Signed by the Patriarch and 11 Armenian Bishops

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