Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DO NOT come up with your own "pious" gestures.

 DO NOT destroy Signs of the Cross. It is an action to be proud of.
 Do not rush your responses.

 Do not begin your response till the Priest has finished his part.

 Do not destroy your genuflections. Bring your right knee down to the ground close to your left foot, keeping head and shoulders erect.

 Sign yourself () when the Priest begins to read the Introit, except during Masses for the deceased.

 ALWAYS make the reverences every time the Most Holy Name of Our Lord (Jesus or Jesus Christ, but not just Christ), the Name of Our Lady (Mary), the name of the reigning Pontiff, and name of the Saint of the day are mentioned (This does not occur on Sundays).

 Do not rush about the Sanctuary, and do not dawdle, either.

 Do not be afraid to join your hands properly: palms together, right thumb over left. If one hand is doing something, place the unoccupied hand on your heart. (Your heart is not right over to the left).

 ALWAYS remember to genuflect every time you pass in front of the Tabernacle.

 Do not rub the cruet against the Priest's fingers at the Lavabo or for the Ablutions. Leave him room to move his fingers.

 DO NOT hand the Priest anything with your LEFT hand.

 Do not ring the bell as though it were an alarm. The bell is a signal.

 Do not fail to watch for the Dómine non sum dignus. Remember that the Priest has to say it in a low tone, and if there is a noise, you might not hear him.

 DO NOT stretch along the Altar to pour wine into the Chalice. Go quietly up to the side of the Priest. Be ready to do so as soon as you return to the Altar.

 DO NOT rest your hands on the Altar. Only the Celebrant may do that, and he only sometimes.

 DO NOT lean against the Altar.

 NEVER walk backwards. The back of the cassock is longer than the front.

 When you are sitting down, rest your hands flat on your lap.

 Always be attentive during the Mass and the Sermon. DO NOT look around the church or directly at the congregation.

 When you help the Priest to distribute Holy Communion, DO NOT turn the Communion plate over as there might be some Particles of the Blessed Sacrament on it.


+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

I know an Irish young man that could, well... give it a try.

Anyway, to serve in Mass is one of the HARDEST things to do I see...

latinmass1983 said...

Dear Miguel,

The most beautiful and the most important things are the heardest ones to do, but only at first.

As you practice and do it more frequently and *read* about how to serve properly and reverently, things get easier and come more naturally (well, to some servers - the truly dedicated ones).

Try it (at least twice)! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent and detailed instructions/recomendations to follow while serving Mass. I will remember them next time I do.

latinmass1983 said...

Great to hear that!