Saturday, December 29, 2007

Patriarch of Lisbon - Again

In a previous post, I showed a picture of the traditional Mitre-tiara of the Patriarch of Lisbon. (This was one of the liturgical privileges given to them in the past - many of them at the insistent request of King João). The above picture shows a *modern* Mitre-tiara worn by Patriarch Antonio Ribeiro.

Notice the three bands, which are supposed to resemble the 3 rings of a tiara. They could do much better than that!
Now, this is a picture of the Fanon worn by the Patriarch of Lisbon in the past - another liturgical privilege granted to them by Popes. I do not think that they wear the Fanon anymore. 


M.J. said...

Do you know the link to the previous post on the Patriarch of Lisbon?

latinmass1983 said...

Go to the archive. It's under December 10th, 2007.

M.J. said...

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

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