Thursday, August 17, 2017

Heads of State Visit the Popes

King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria of Spain visit Pius XI
King Alfonso and Queen Victoria visit Pius XI
Duke of Luxemburg and his wife visit Benedict XVI
Eva Perón visits Pius XII
(Above and below) King of Belgium and Queen of Bavaria
Italian Royal Family (1939?)
Infante Don Carlos de Borbón visits John XXIII
Italian Crown Prince at Papal Coronation of Pius XII in 1939
Italian Royal Family visits Pius XII
Italian Royal Family
King Umberto (Italy)
Maximilian I and Carlota visit Pius IX
(Above and below) Monarchs of Denmark visit Paul VI
Monarchs of Greece visit John XXIII
Prince and Princess of Monaco with John XXIII
Princess Helen Duchess of Aosta visits Pius XII in 1941
Prince of Spain and his wife (Princess Sofia) of Spain
Italian Prince and Princess visit the Pope in 1939
Princess Elizabeth (1951) visits Pius XII
Queen Elizabeth of England visit John XXIII
It seems that they spoke to each other in French when they met
Queen Elizabeth visits John Paul II
King and Queen of Belgium in 1966 (visiting Paul VI)
Queen Elena of Roumania in 1947 (Pius XII)
Queen Federica of Greece
King Francis of the Two Sicilies visits Pius IX in 1859
King and Queen of Belgium visit John XXIII
(Above and below) The "Catholic Monarchs" of Spain visit Paul VI
(Above and below) Los reyes católicos of Spain visiting the Pope (not sure what year this was)
King and Queen of Spain visit John Paul I
King and Queen of Spain visit Paul VI
Spanish representation at the Papal Coronation of Pius XII (1939)

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